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Bartender Hustle

Mix amazing cocktails at five unique bars with access to over one hundred ingredients including liquors, juices, and garnishes. Meet a variety of customers on your journey as a bartender, each with a unique personality and preference of cocktails. Test your skill by serving as many customers as possible in the fast-paced Arcade mode, or mix drinks at your own pace in the Sandbox mode.

Bartender Hustle


She also works as a bartender at weddings and parties when the opportunities present themselves. Her easygoing nature and ability to make people feel comfortable have made her an instant favorite with customers.

Good bartenders have an encyclopedic knowledge of all spirits, drinks, and cocktails. They are charming, charismatic and hardworking. They are attractive even before that fifth long island iced tea kicks in, and they multitask like a one-man orchestra. They manage a station that is five customers deep and pump out good quality drinks with minimal of fuss.

Cocktail catering has historically been a rewarding option for bartenders wanting supplemental income, but it is particularly attractive now, considering the persistently high rate of unemployment among hospitality and leisure workers. For bartenders wanting to stay in industry, cocktail catering can be a temporary side hustle, particularly as we move into the holiday season.

And bartenders can choose among different types of cocktail catering opportunities. Many traditional catering operations hire bartenders to serve simple, standard drinks like rum and Cokes and G&Ts, but some emerging catering businesses specialize in craft cocktails prepared with fresh juices, top-notch spirits, and high-quality ice. These businesses are looking for more highly skilled bartenders who are knowledgeable about classic recipes and techniques and who bring a strong sense of hospitality.

Bartenders who want to take up cocktail catering as a side hustle can start by contacting local caterers to get on their radar. Traditional caterers might also be able to steer bartenders toward specialty-cocktail catering operations in their area that hire skilled bartenders.

As the craft cocktail trend continues to grow, along with the expectation that the drinks will be as elevated as the food at special events, opportunities will multiply for skilled bartenders to step out from behind their bars and not only earn a little extra but have fun with cocktail catering.

Dana did zero advertising and put in minimal effort for this accidental hustle. She simply offered to buy things for people if she heard them talking about needing new shoes or new clothes. Other than that, she just let the excitement of showing up with a new box of clothes and shoes speak for itself.

Bartender Hustle [2022] is a new narrative based bartender simulator. Mix amazing cocktails at five unique bars and meet a variety of patrons as you progress through your bartending career. Mix drinks at your own pace in the Sandbox mode, and set the mood with a library of music to choose from.

Being able to tell an IPA from a stout, pour a draft beer without an excessive head, and tell customers about the latest local craft brews is essential for a bartender, as is having a good knowledge of different types of wine and liquor.

Different states and bars have their own requirements, so make sure to look into the rules in your area before getting a specific kind of certification. Roughly half of all states require new bartenders to earn a state-issued bartending license.

Depending on your interests, you could also benefit from networking with regular customers working in other industries. Get to know people who consistently visit your bar, both for networking opportunities and simply to learn more about them. Personal connections are often some of the most rewarding parts of being a bartender.

Bartending is one of the most lucrative side hustles for people who work or attend school during the day, and it can even be a great full-time position for the right person. These tips will help you get started and work your way up to your ideal bartending job.

The truth is that bartenders never invent drinks on the spot for you. Well, almost never. Because unless we're feeling exceptionally creative, adventurous, and above all else, bored, we're usually just pulling something from our brain's back catalog of drink recipes.

Rather than claw over each other to grab any customer that we can get, we delegate, and grab the guests that play to our strengths, sending the others to a bartender better suited to get the best tip possible.

MASTER YOUR CRAFTMix amazing cocktails at five unique bars with access to over one hundred ingredients including liquors, juices, and garnishes.HAVE A CHATMeet a variety of customers on your journey as a bartender, each with a unique personality and preference of cocktails.HAVE SOME FUNTest your skill by serving as many customers as possible in the fast-paced Arcade mode, or mix drinks at your own pace in the Sandbox mode. Source: Bartender Hustle -

I think these years between 2008-2012 were super impactful in putting Canada on the map globally and growing the cocktail culture in the city. We went from playing around with Molecular Mixology, Making Bitters and Tinctures and getting creative by incorporating local ingredients into well balanced drinks to becoming recognized as a hub for cocktail culture. The community in Vancouver, and I think Canada, has really grown up and fostered amazing growth through the country. You can see that bartenders have bonded and have been successful in sharing their talents with the world! It took us those years to learn from each other and push each other to be better and make better drinks.

Jason SkipperSkipper is the author of the novel "Hustle." He grew up in Texas and has worked as a bartender, snowboard instructor and freelance journalist. His work has appeared in numerous journals, including Hotel Amerika and Mid-American Review, receiving awards and recognition from Zoetrope: All Story, Glimmer Train and Crab Orchard Review and grants from the Vermont Studio Center and Artist Trust. He teaches creative writing and literature at Pacific Lutheran University and lives in Tacoma, Wash.

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