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Ain-i Akbari: Ain-i Akbari is the third part of Akbarnama written by Abul Fazal who was in Akbar?s court and was commissioned to write the chronicle of Akbar?s times. Aine Akbari is divided in five parts. The first two parts tell about the emperor, his family, his court, his officers and their duties and also about their salary. In the third part judiciary and accounts are detailed. In the fourth part the descripdon of India and its people. Abul Fazal has given a detailed account of the Hindus and their culture. The fifth part is a compilation of quotations i-rom famous poets and verses and idioms or adages. Ain-i Akbari is almost a reference manual and Akbarnama is used by scholars as a reference book for the Mughal history. Or The panchayat system of the Mughals: The panchayats are also called gramsabhas. They have been, in existence since Vedic times. They are local self-governments. Some elderly and experienced people were selected to act as panch and many of these made the panchayat. In Hindu caste system, different castes had their own panchayats to look after the welfare of their community The Gram panchayats were financially independent and were also judiciaries in a small scale. They also collected the revenue and gave a part to the state. The Mughals appointed one more middleman called Jagirdar. Jagirdars were landed property owners who collected taxes and maintained strongmen. This disturbed the status of panchayats. Their financial status was no longer independent. Sometimes there were clashes between jagirdars and Panchayats. But despite this the panchayats played their roles significantly in the Mughal times.

Aine Akbari Book In Urdu


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