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Paradise Highway (2022) NEW!

Convoy: The visceral thrills of Paradise Highway come not solely through the dark subject matter but the ways in which the film takes advantage of its genre style to portray a warped and romanticized portrait of a specific life experience. The rumble of the big rigs' engines is satisfyingly heard in the sound design. There is something evocative about crossing the USA in one of these machines. Juliette Binoche's truck becomes a rolling backdrop for the workings of the plot, and the experience feels lived in. The cinematography takes advantage of the iconography of this world, frequently setting highway scenes when the sun is bold and beautiful, or sticking to a naturalistic way of lighting so that the colors feel Earthen and tinged with the golden hues of the color grading. The aesthetic of this film is well done, and it strengthens the overall tone of the story.

Paradise Highway (2022)

Set on the American highway, our film explores the power of human connection. Roads, built to bring us together, are instead used to pass each other by, unaware of the lives of the people mere feet away. 041b061a72


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