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Culegere Matematica Petrica 149.pdf

Culegere Matematica Petrica 149.pdf

Culegere Matematica Petrica 149.pdf is a PDF file that contains a collection of exercises and problems for the first grade of mathematics, written by Ion Petrica, a renowned author and teacher of mathematics in Romania. The file has 149 pages and can be downloaded from various online sources, such as [Booknation], [Libris], or [Peatix].

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The collection is designed to help students consolidate their mathematical knowledge and skills, as well as to develop their logical thinking and creativity. The collection covers topics such as numbers, operations, geometry, measurement, patterns, and problem solving. The exercises and problems are varied and graded according to their difficulty level. The collection also includes sections of learning through games, tests, and a rich graphical material that facilitates the understanding and solving of the tasks.

The collection is aligned with the current curriculum and textbooks for the first grade of mathematics in Romania. It can be used as a supplementary material for students who want to practice and improve their mathematical abilities, or for teachers who want to diversify their teaching methods and resources. The collection is also suitable for parents who want to support their children's learning at home.

Culegere Matematica Petrica 149.pdf is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn mathematics in a fun and engaging way. It is written by an experienced and passionate author who has dedicated his life to teaching and writing mathematics for all ages. The collection reflects his vision of mathematics as a beautiful and useful science that can enrich our lives and minds.


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