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Ak Interactive Faq 2 Pdf 95

Ak interactive faq 2 pdf 95

Ak interactive is a company that produces books, magazines, DVDs, paints, tools, and accessories for scale modelers. One of their most popular products is the F.A.Q. series, which stands for Frequently Asked Questions. These books are considered as the modeling bibles when it comes to military vehicles, aircraft, figures, dioramas, and sci-fi models. They contain the most up to date techniques needed to produce realistic and stunning works of art.

One of the books in the F.A.Q. series is F.A.Q. 2, which is the third edition of the original F.A.Q. book published by Ak interactive four years ago. This book focuses on military vehicles, such as tanks, trucks, jeeps, and motorcycles. It covers topics such as construction, painting, weathering, detailing, and diorama making. It has 320 pages, with more than 1500 high quality color photographs all printed on high quality stock. It is available in English and Spanish versions.


The book is divided into 18 chapters, each one covering a specific aspect of military vehicle modeling. The chapters are:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Chapter 2: Materials

  • Chapter 3: Tools

  • Chapter 4: Assembly

  • Chapter 5: Painting

  • Chapter 6: Camouflage

  • Chapter 7: Decals and Stencils

  • Chapter 8: Chipping

  • Chapter 9: Filters

  • Chapter 10: Washes

  • Chapter 11: Fading and Blending

  • Chapter 12: Streaking Effects

  • Chapter 13: Rust Effects

  • Chapter 14: Dust Effects

  • Chapter 15: Mud Effects

  • Chapter 16: Oil and Grease Effects

  • Chapter 17: Detailing

  • Chapter 18: Dioramas

The book also includes a gallery of finished models by some of the best modelers in the world, such as Mig Jimenez, Adam Wilder, Kristof Pulinckx, Radek Pituch, and many others. The book is a must-have for anyone who wants to learn or improve their skills in military vehicle modeling.

The book can be purchased online from the Ak interactive website or from other online shops. The price of the book is 57 euros or 95 US dollars. The book also has a digital version that can be downloaded from the Ak interactive app for iOS and Android devices. The digital version has the same content as the printed version, but with some interactive features such as zooming and bookmarking.

: Ak interactive website : FAQs AK Interactive FAQs Online Shop : Buy F.A.Q. 2 online for 57,00 AK-Interactive


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