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Where To Buy Boat Covers

Carver Industries has over 30 years of experience producing custom covers for boats and Bimini tops. All of their products are designed and engineered in Landrum, South Carolina and production takes place in Carver's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. They are an industry leader in quality, performance and customer service.

where to buy boat covers

ShoreTex, formerly known as Shoremaster Fabric, features the largest line of true custom patterns that are specifically designed for your boat and its added features. They have been serving the marine industry since 1989, offering custom fitted boat covers and boat lift canopy covers. These top-quality, USA made boat covers can be used for mooring, travel, or simply storing on a trailer.

Located in Chesnee, SC, CoversDirect is America's trusted source for quality boat covers, Bimini tops, and other protective marine covers. For over 12 years, we have been in the business of providing our customers with the quality products they seek in a timely fashion.

Many of our products are in stock and will ship the same day they are ordered. If a product is not in stock, it will take some time to be made. Fast shipping via UPS or FedEx Ground is free within the contiguous US on all of our covers and Bimini tops! In stock covers and products manufactured by Carver Industries will ship from SC. ShoreTex replacement canopies and boat covers are custom-made and will ship from MN. Destinations within the US take 1-5 days in transit via UPS or FedEx.

Our detailed product knowledge and genuine desire to make our customers happy make us different. All calls placed will come directly to our location here in SC, and you can speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives whenever you call! We are ready to assist you Monday-Friday from 9-5. Should you have any concerns or questions in your cover selection process, please give us a call! All of our sales representatives have the knowledge to determine which cover or Bimini top will be the best fit for your boat and which material will perform well for your conditions. We guarantee the fit and quality of all of our covers and have industry-best warranties.

We are not a large call center, and it won't take 10 minutes to get your call routed to the right person. We are a small office with 9 employees. We sell boat covers and Bimini tops worldwide, and we know our product. Call us today and let us earn your business. We guarantee that you will not regret the decision.

We stock universal fit covers in different weight fabrics and sizes for V-hull cuddy cabin, bow rider and center console boats, bay boats, day cruiser boats, deck boats, jet boats, tri-hull boats, pontoon boats, fish and ski boats, aluminum and tournament bass boats, paddle boats and even inflatable boats or tenders. Each cover includes a storage bag and tiedown straps (some with a support pole).

You bet there is! If you have a production boat, using our handy Boat Cover Selector will make finding the correct semi-custom or custom cover for your boat much easier. The selector will lead you through all the steps necessary to select your exact boat and then choose a fabric and color. If you happen to have a one-of-a-kind, custom-built boat or lots of unusual options, you might need to have measurements taken by a custom canvas shop so a cover can be designed for your boat. This will be the most expensive kind of cover and take the longest to receive since a custom pattern will have to be made.

Unless your garage is also climate-controlled and sparkling clean, cold air, dirt, and dust can still come in contact with your boat. Over time, you might still find mold or other signs of age if you leave the boat uncovered. For this reason, most boaters opt to purchase a cover and avoid dealing with costly damage down the line.

There are generally two types of different boat covers to pick from: custom and universal. While manufacturers make custom covers specifically for your boat model and year, a universal cover fits a wide variety of different boats.

The cover is available in a couple of different sizes, but this particular version cat fit center console boats that are 17-19 feet long. As the extra roomy cut, it works well with boats that are a little wider than usual.

This cover also tends to be versatile. Regardless of whether or not you need to store your boat for months, hitch it up to a trailer for highway travel, or park it in a dock, this cover should work well for every function.

A quality cover is one of the best ways to protect your boat from an endless environmental assault. Not all boat covers, however, are equally up to the task. Here are three key points to consider before making a purchase.

A custom or model-specific cover is the only choice if you want protection that truly fits your boat like a glove, but expect to pay for the privilege. Numerous manufacturers offer affordable alternatives that, with the right dimensions, can still handle the task at hand. Match your boat to a cover of the same approximate length. Further fine-tune the fit by selecting from a choice of beam widths if available.

We only sell high quality boat covers featuring premium materials and durable construction. All of our boat covers come with warranties and are designed to last many seasons. They're perfect for storing your boat during Winter months. We even offer mooring covers for when your boat is in the water and needs to be covered. No matter the style or brand, you can rest assured that your new cover was designed and built to last.

You want the best protection you can get for your boat, and our team pays extra-special attention to every detail of a custom-fit T-top boat cover. Manufactured in the USA, these all-weather fabrics are made to the highest standards of durability and longevity.

Great Lakes Boat Top is trusted by over 60 boat brands to make the original covers, tops and canvas enclosures sold with new boats as they come off the showroom floor. If we made the original top, cover or enclosure sold with your boat, we can provide an identical replacement specific to your boat to keep it an original.

Boats are subjected to a series of wet and dry cycles and other environmental elements, ranging from hot and humid days in the summer to potentially freezing temperatures in the winter to salt air, dirt, hailstorms, bird droppings and more year round. This makes finding the right boat cover a must in order to protect your investment.

Protect your investment with a boat cover! While your boat may be safely secured, the outdoors can wear down and fade out the look of your boat due to weather, pests, wind shear, or just lack of care. A cover can keep your boat looking brand new. Whether you are looking for a cover for a regular, t-top or pontoon Overton's has a lot of options and styles for you to choose from, or you can personalize it with a custom cover. Either way, Overton's has you literally covered with more quality options from the brands you know and trust.

Taylor Made is known in the marine industry and beyond for their commitment to quality products. Their line of trailerable boat covers are mildew and UV resistant, and are available in two fabric choices:

Custom and exact fit covers from Taylor Made and Westland are sewn to match a specific boat model and year. These covers will provide a snug fit on your boat to provide the best protection possible. We carry a huge selection of exact fit covers including:

Select fit, or semi-custom fit, covers are designed to fit a range of boats of the same style and size. Semi-custom covers are budget-friendly and are fit for average hull types. Please note that your boat may differ slightly. These quality covers are available in most of the fabrics listed above and can be shopped by using our cover guide. Some of our styles of semi-custom boat covers include:

Owning a boat is a major investment. A boat is also your best friend when you're on the water. And, as with all cherished items, you want to protect and prolong your boats value, maintaining its condition for the pride and happiness it provides.

Boat covers are an inexpensive necessity for those that spend time on the water. From deterring theft to keeping your craft clean, these polyester or poly-cotton blend covers are truly the real deal. Follow along and find out which boat cover type is right for you.

Boat covers have many uses, some obvious and some not. Keeping a boat clean and dirt-free is first on the list. By repelling water and moisture, your interior will remain dry and free of mold. (How many of us want to get comfy on a soggy seat or a slippery deck?)

Boat covers can be purchased in one of two ways. You can buy a custom-fit cover, designed and tailor-made for the exact make, model and year of your boat. Or you can go with a universal style boat cover, a generic model that will fit the measurements you take of your watercraft. Both have merits, and for some owners, there is only one choice. Here is the skinny on the two.

A custom fit boat cover takes into consideration the console style, length, width, beam and various other measurements of your boat to give you an outer shell that will truly fit like a glove. No other cover will provide as much protection or as tight a seal as a custom cover -- there is no two ways about it.

The advantages to a custom boat cover are straightforward -- tight fit with no looseness or flapping, built-in areas to house consoles and other raised parts and reinforced areas at critical stretch points. The cost of a custom cover will be more than a universal cover, but if you want the best cover for your boat, custom is your best choice.

If your boat measures 15' in length, and has a 70-inch beam width, the Bass Pro Shops WeatherSafe Storage Tite Boat Covers is one option to look at. But, notice the parameters involved in the description. This cover will fit boats between 14 and 20-feet, with a beam up to 100-inches. 041b061a72


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