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According to legend, the Lady of the Lake lived in a casde beneath a lake surrounding the mystical island of Avalon (pronounced AV-uh-lahn). She raised Lancelot after his father died, and gave Arthur the magical sword Excalibur, which he treasured. When Arthur was near death, she saved him by taking him to Avalon to await a time when his people would once again need his leadership.

The Lady of the Lake

The British Isles are soggy places surrounded by water and covered with lakes, ponds, rivers, and springs. Naturally, water featured prominently in the mythology of the early inhabitants of England and Ireland.

The Lady of the Lake, for being a rather minor character in Arthurian legend, has inspired many artists in various media over the centuries. Most notably, the 1810 poem The Lady of the Lake by Sir Walter Scott offered a re-telling of her myth set in a Scottish lake; this poem was the basis of a later opera by Italian composer Gioachino Rossini. The tale also loosely inspired the 1944 Raymond Chandler detective novel The Lady in the Lake, which was made into a film in 1947. The Lady of the Lake also makes a brief appearance in the 1981 John Boorman film Excalibur, as an arm that reaches up from the water to reclaim Excalibur when Arthur dies.

The Lady of the Lake, an enchantress also known as Viviane or Nimuë, appears in many of the tales of King Arthur. According to legend, she lived in a castle beneath a lake surrounding the mystical island of Avalon. She raised Lancelot and gave Arthur the magical sword Excalibur, which he treasured. When Arthur was near death, she saved him by taking him to Avalon.

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Lady of the Lake's dream is to share a comfortable place for you to enjoy yourself lakefront, while indulging in the bounty of their neighbor's foods. The Lady of the Lake is part of a family gig... They have been running the resort on Offut Lake since '98. They offer a place like no other! If you want to spend an hour, a day, or the weekend, they've got you covered! Their History: Their building was constructed during the late 1930s while under the ownership of Charles and Ada Short. Originally operating as Lady of the Lake and Ada's Resort, the Shorts ran the restaurant and campground until Ada's passing in 1953. The property was sold and re-named Offut Lake Resort. Since then the resort has changed hands several times, with the restaurant changing and evolving with the different ownership until closing it's doors in 1989. The Offut Lake Resort's current owners, the Pogue family, have owned and operated the resort since 1998 and have recently remodeled and redesigned the old restaurant. The Lady of the Lake opened her doors to the public in July 2013. They hope you will join them for a dining experience focused around simple food, made well, from our family to yours.

Keuka Lake is known as the lady of the Finger Lakes due to its natural beauty and charm. Heron Hill Winery celebrates the lake lifestyle and year-round beautiful vistas of Keuka Lake with this sparkling blush wine.

During Geralt's time in Rivia, a riot erupts, in which humans are killing non-humans indiscriminately. He meets a couple of his dwarven friends in a pub, but when they are targeted by the mob he enters the fray and kills several individuals before being impaled by a pitchfork. Ciri, Yennefer, and Triss Merigold arrive in Rivia shortly after the rioting starts, and they eventually find Geralt on the verge of death. Yennefer attempts to use all of her magical strength to revive him, then passes out beside the witcher. Ihuarraquax shortly appears and channels her power through Ciri to heal Geralt and Yennefer. Ciri sends her trusted mare, Kelpie, with Ihuarraquax to their world. The rioting moves away from the area, and Ciri brings their bodies out onto a boat on a nearby lake. While Triss, Dandelion, and their dwarven friends say their goodbyes, Ciri takes off into the lake which erupts into a light and the three disappear.

Like most lakes in the great state of Texas, White Rock Lake is manmade. Before it was a lake, the area housed a collection of farms owned by local Dallas families until an ongoing water shortage prompted construction on the lake to begin in 1910. The lake was completed the following year, supplying water to the city and effectively ending the crisis. In the ensuing decades, the shore was developed into a municipal park, and families began moving into the area by the dozens.

The lake quickly became a popular recreational spot, but the last swimmers had permanently climbed ashore by the early 1950s. Wanting to preserve the sanitation standards of the Dallas water supply, the city officially banned swimming in 1952. By the 1990s, White Rock Lake and the surrounding area had blossomed into a picture-perfect picnic and leisure destination, complete with a dog park, bike paths, and scenic hiking trails. 041b061a72


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