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verdun features three main campaign modes: story, competitive, and free for all. story mode presents a linear progression through the verdun storyline with three playable characters. competitive mode lets players battle up to four of their friends, and free for all allows any number of players to compete against one another.

Verdun Password

verdun has a lengthy single player campaign with over 30 missions. each mission can be played to completion by only one player, but multiple players can participate simultaneously. multiplayer has a number of game modes: cooperative, free for all, and competitive. cooperative mode enables up to two players to work together on a mission. free for all mode allows players to compete head-to-head. competitive mode features up to 4 players, alternating between 2 and 4 player teams. the players in a team attempt to score a higher number of points than their opponents by accumulating kills, and setting up and executing a takedown.

verdun has a great selection of maps and game modes. this section is best read by starting with the story mode and working your way through the other modes, as they are interconnected. verdun features a large number of online maps, all of which can be played in multiplayer. the online maps are divided into 10 regions. each region has its own championship for players to compete for. because of the large number of online maps, it would be impossible to list them all here.

verdun has a variety of classes of units. humans can use ranged attacks or melee attacks, and can use a broad variety of weapons including energy weapons, melee weapons, and hand-held firearms. mutants can only use melee weapons. cyborgs, and robots are the most versatile. they can use all weapons and also have different forms of unique equipment. when mixed, the units have special bonuses to their attack power, defense, and movement. verdun has a larger number of classes than most games, and more detailed descriptions are available online.


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