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360 Video Player For Mac

360 degree videos is known as immersive videos or spherical videos. They are videos recorded typically in every direction by a special rig of multiple cameras or a dedicated omnidirectionaly camera that contains many camera lenses therein. 360-degree video is formatted in an equirectangular protection typically. The cameras supporting creating 360-degree videos include GoPro's Omni, Vuze Camera, Kandao Obsidian, Samsung Gear 360, etc. Users can play 360 degree videos with 360º video player, they can have a control of viewing direction by dragging the video around. It's a form of virtual reality.

360 video player for mac

After recording or downloading 360 degree videos, you may find difficulty in picking a reliably 360 vr player or xbox 360 media player for 360 video playback because there only a few video players supports 360 video playing on the market. Now that 360 degree video players are badly in demand for 360 degree videos playback. Here we list top 5 360º video players, giving you a new way to enjoy yourself.

When mentioning a 360 video player, 5KPlayer absolutely takes 360 video playback as its obligation. It is a 100% free 360º video player, specially designed for Mac and Windows users to play 360 degree virtual reality videos, 4K UHD 3840x2160, HD 1080p/720p, 3D Blu Ray videos as well as SD MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, MKV etc videos. It also features download & airplay knacks. That is to say, you are free to get 360 degree video download with 5KPlayer. If you don't know how to play 360 videos on your computer, this video player for 360 videos will be a good choice.

Kolor Eyes is a free 360 video player for Windows, Mac, HTML5, iOS and Android. It allows you to play and interact with your 360 videos on your computer and on your Oculus Rift. The desktop application of this 360 vr player lets you play 360-degree videos on your Mac or PC, watching videos up to 8K and enjoy the finest resolution at 360 degrees. What's more, turn at 360 degrees, zoom in and out, change the projection and apply visual effects all can be done with Kolor Eyes.

VR Player is an experimental Virtual Reality 360 media player for Head-Mounted Display devices like the Oculus Rift. It features playing 360 degree videos, reading 2D/3D images and videos, local files, streams (including YouTube), disc, and more! For the moment, VR Player is a rare 360 video player keeping the trend of videos.

JW Player is one of the most popular embeddable 360 vr players for websites. It supports a wide array of platforms, browsers, and media formats, including 4K 360 degree videos, 3D 360 VR, 1080P/720P, and standard definition videos in MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV etc. It is open-source software which is easy to configure, customize, and extend. Besides, it's a trifle for JW Player to play 360 degree videos, as well as xbox 360 games walkthrough served as an awesome xbox 360 media player.

Kolor GoPro VR player is placed sixth in our best 360 video players list. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, on which you can play 360action videos, without an internet connection. With a lightweight interface, the player allows you to play 360 degree videos at the cost of the least effort, by simply loading the VR files and opening the very basic controls. An added value for the tool is you can adjust the general settings, video encoding, controllers, and more before playing 360 spherical videos.

As we can see above, though 360 video players are ready to play 360 videos. But where and how can we get 360 degree videos? You can certainly record your own 360 degree videos with the cameras, while getting 360 video download online is also a decent idea. MacX Video Converter Pro makes the downloads a simple task. It allows you to download 360 degree videos hassle-free since it's an outstanding 360 VR video downloader, allows all kinds of video download including 360 videos, 4K UHD, 1080P/720P videos and so on.

However, though there are a lot of 360 degree videos available on the internet today, not everyone has tried or already experienced to watch 360º videos. So, after we proceed to the top 5 360º players, let's check how to watch 360 VR video in a simple and easy way as possible.

5. Once you have downloaded the 360 video, you can now find a place where you can choose to watch the movie.6. Just put your VR headset, start playing the 360 VR video you download using also your best 360 video player on your smartphone, PC/ MAC. But before you start, make sure not to forget to put your own earphones on for you to experience the best virtual reality sound and view you want for.

360 VR video is abosolutely an irresistable trend now and in the future for its great appliance to various fields. For example, Victoria's Secret 2016 Show Backstage was displayed in VR 360; VR games are replacing Pokemon Go in game industry and YouTube had created a brand new 360 Video channel to gather 360 degree sport, fashion, music, etc videos. From 360 videos, you can get more touching and vivid experience beyond 3D. So, here we list top 7 360 degree video players Windows 10/Mac to play 360 degree videos and satisfy your curiosities of the 360 VR technology.

360 videos, shot with an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras, are video recordings where a view in every direction is recorded at the same time. During the playback with a specific player called 360 VR video player, you can control the viewing direction of a downloaded VR video like a panorama to have the real VR (Virtual Reality) experience.

5KPlayer is a trend follower that won't drop 360 video playback, so it adds the 360 video support in its latest version. No matter your 360 degree videos are from 360 video sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, or from 360 cameras like GoPro Max, Samsung Gear and Insta360, this 360 degree video player handles them well. You can just click and drag your mouse to view every detail of a 360 video even up to 4K from all angles. Download resource:

With the help of Giroptic, VLC now has released its official version of VLC 360 becoming one of the best 360 degree video player apps to play 360 videos and images out of the box. Along with that, VLC-VR is also vailable for Android, iOS and Xbox One and will support VR headsets like Vive, Daydream, Oculus or OSVR. Download resource:

As a completely free video player with millions of users, GOM Media Player has stepped into a totally new stage as GOM plays 360 degree VR video now. With built-in support for almost all popular video audio formats, kinds of advanced features, extreme customizability, etc, you can use this 360 degree video player to play any 360 VR video, AVI MP4 MKV FLV WMV MOV movies, MP3 AAC FLAC music and more on Windows (32bit/64bit). Download resource: -media-player/

GoPro VR Player (formerly Kolor Eyes Desktop) is a free 360 degree video player suppoting 360 videos and photos for Windows and macOS. Just drag and drop your video, you can watch any 360-degree video file at up to 8K resolution and 60 FPS (in Cineform or ProRes). The core controls are all very intuitive that you can just click and drag to look around, spin the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, or tap and pinch on touch-enabled systems. This 360 video player can also recognize and work with your Oculus Rift, as long as your desktop has the appropriate software installed. Download resource: -vr-player/download/

Total Cinema 360 Web Player is developed in-house to distribute your 360 videos across web, mobile, desktop, and virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift. Built with HTML5 and WebGL, this 360 degree video player operates seamlessly on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android that you can play 360 degree videos at will without device limitation. Resource:

JW Player with JW Player VR plugin allows you to play spherical videos in HTML5. This 360 VR player supports a variety of platforms, browsers, and file formats like 360 3D VR, 4K 360 degree videos, 1080p 720p MP4 MKV AVI etc files. With a JW Player account, you can access JW Player, JW Platform and even Android and iOS SDKs to play 360 videos and xBox 360 games. Resource:

PS: 5KPlayer is under active development to be an outstanding 360 video player among various VR Players that you can play 360 degree videos directly after downloading by just double click the file in the near future. Simple & Smooth!

For better visual enjoyment, more and more 360 videos have been created, but which 360 video player should I choose. Here we will recommend three best 360 video players and you can find the most suitable one in these wonderful players and have a good experience with it. Just keep rolling for further details.

360 video, also known as 360-degree video, immersive video or spherical video. 360 video can be viewed at any angle of 360 degrees and let us feel a real sense of intimacy. 360 video will not be limited by time, space and region because it is not a single static panorama, but has a range of depth, dynamic image, sound and so on. Then, the question arises - how can I play such videos? Keep reading, there are three recommended comprehensive 360 video players for you.

Kolor Eyes (also called GoPro VR Player) is a totally free 360 video player for Windows, Mac, HTML5, iOS and Android. It allows you to play 360 videos on your computer and Oculus Rift by simply loading the corresponding file and operating its basic playback controls.

GOM Player is a free 360 video player which has high quality. And as many users can see, it actually allows you to play 360 videos downloaded on your computer, but the amazing thing is that you can play 360 videos directly from YouTube, without bothering to download them. To play 360 degree videos in GOM Player, simply right-click anywhere on the screen, go to 360 degree video play(F6), and then click Playback 360 degree video to load a list 360-degree videos available on YouTube. Finally, choose one desired 360 video to play.


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