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Glossy Porn Teen

What do teenage girls really want in a magazine? According to Glossy, an online zine launched last week from Happy Puppy creators Attitude Networks, the answer is makeup, fashion, boys, and models, models, models. But the girls' zine community already online is concerned that the entrance of traditional teen fare, à la Seventeen or YM, could undermine the alternative girls' content that's thrived thus far online.

glossy porn teen

Brace yourselves. It might be time to dole out some grudging respect to pneumatic pop princess Britney Spears. Her acting debut in the teen drama Crossroads suggests that movie stardom might just elbow music out of her busy schedule one day. And before you snigger, don't forget that Cher has an Oscar and a Golden Globe on her mantlepiece, or that Jennifer Lopez was considered to be a fine actress, too, before megastardom claimed her.

Giraldi over-eggs his pudding somewhat, throwing in countless romantic intrigues and peripheral characters; and the film's glossy surface is somewhat reminiscent of a classy TV drama. However, the cast work well together and the script is witty and well-crafted. 041b061a72


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