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"Sherlock" The Hounds Of Baskerville(2012)

In the episode, Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his crime-solving partner John Watson (Martin Freeman) take on the case of Henry Knight (Russell Tovey), who 20 years earlier witnessed the brutal killing of his father by a "gigantic hound" on Dartmoor. The investigation leads the pair to Baskerville, a military research base. In the conclusion it is revealed that the hounds were images induced by a mind-altering drug, a chemical weapon whose creator was in fact the real murderer of Henry's father.

"Sherlock" The Hounds of Baskerville(2012)

The nods to tradition continue with a hint-dropping yokel innkeeper, an enigmatic cypher on the moors and a couple of folklore-ridden local landmarks. Here be hounds, Holmes and Watson are warned, beware.

To help you understand this better, I will give you the link to a site that I use to watch any part of the series instantly really. _the-hounds-of-baskerville-part2_shortfilms#.UMlGWeRwru0This part opens up RIGHT on the scene of John being in the lab. You will see the gas leaking from the pipes etc.It's a very handy site I keep up my sleeve for research purposes.

Devon was the location where a Richard Cabell lived, hunted and gained a bad reputation. He was suspected of murdering his wife. Cabell died in 1677, but legend has it that upon his death a pack of hounds supposedly began to appear, baying at the moon and roaming the moor. The ghost of Cabell supposedly leads the hounds who wait for him near his tomb. Sherlock combined the Baskerville with the Devon legend to write his story. 041b061a72


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